Three From The Sea

I grew up on the Pacific Coast, and the ocean is definitely in my blood.  Here are three poems that were, in one way or another, influenced by my love of the sea.

On The Marin Coast–Tennessee Beach

Far beyond the nearest road,

alone upon the beach, the moon

my only light–the lion’s bark

in counterpoint to buoy bell

my only voice–the steady waves

my only friend–the sand my bed

(and could I go again, at once

I’d go.)  Ah. this was truer home

than any house where I have dwelled–

was purer song than any I

have sung–was greater wealth than all

that I have saved or spent–and this

was grander epic than a thousand

thousand odysseys (and could

I go, again at once I’d go).


Evening, Approaching Night

Long, slanted shadows dull the light,

and I, crustacean as I feel,

move slant across the murk.


So I am twain, caught up in dark,

spun out in light, and quick to flee

within from dangers that I fear–


long, slanting light, emboldening dark.

Then I, my hermit shell embrace,

crustacean as I sometimes am,


lie shut until the quiet comes,

then ease me out to find that I

am in the hollow of your hand.


The Wave

I read the moment

launched myself

just as nine hundred times before

so confident

yet misread

and when the wave broke

and I


no air

cracked hard

spun round

light-dark, light-dark, light-dark

each rock

each grain of sand

a flail




my lungs aflame

and death rides hard

and would the dryer full of sea

be stopped

its tumbling

and then…

an eon past

I lie upon the shore

 and feel the wave

recede from off my face

draw breath

feel life return

open eyes

but still can’t see

until internal spinning ceases

and I am yet alive

upon the sands

that since have washed away


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June 28, 2011 · 5:37 pm

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