Dog and Cat

My dog does not understand.  Dazed by my audacity,

she stares askance at my goings, her eyes all glazed with sorrow.

She knows nothing of work to pay for daily needs

and desires.  How tedious the passage of time must seem

ere homeward I return, a human exalted

by her yips of praise, her dancing and leaping up over

the sofa, then down the stairs, then straight back up.


My cat, however, disdains to note my comings

and goings.  He demands I give attention to his needs–

a full bowl of water, his cat box cleaned, his food

dish filled, my lap to sleep upon; and if I fail,

his prideful ignoring of my human numbskullry.  My fate

thus sealed, I am an idol and a servant bound

by opposite yet eager love equally given.


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