The Desecration

Joy to the World, another sale

With ten more shopping days!

Go out and buy yet more,

You need to buy some more,

You never have enough

Of useless, tacky stuff,

Of useless, of useless and tacky stuff.


Joy to the Earth, another sell

To brighten up our day.

The fiscal scene is really bad,

If you don’t buy, we’ll both be sad,

For then we will get stuck

With piles of useless stuff,

With piles and piles of useless stuff.


No more let gloomy forecasts keep

Your wallets closed so tight.

By joyful, and for Auld Lange Sine

Buy tons of toys* and tuns of wine.

You still don’t have enough

Of worthless, stupid stuff.

Go out, go out and buy more stuff!


*batteries not included.



Filed under Humor, Poetry

2 responses to “The Desecration

  1. That’s wicked funny — and sad.

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