Slapdash dogmas
coined in hurdy-gurdy arcades
with meaning for sale
Cold cash, cold hard

Mutilated devotions
looking at splinters through telescopes
meteors in eye like clowns
shards of god
but the mirror is shattered
each shard itself sharded
in countless mimicries of disillusional fragmentation

Folded incantations
hunting gold with tolerance detectors
must be, must be–with forks for tongues
trees for ears birds for noses
stoppers for eyes–not might have been
children sing “take and read” but no one does

Spindled psyches
impaled on besotted shards
psyche without logos
theology without theos
philosophy without sophia
barked hawker-wise
on the backside of carnival mirrors
“See the Amazing Martini balance
200 dogmas on the head of an angel!
for one thin dime, just a dollar a day
take your checkbook and make a generous donation
a rattle in the drum and a soul flies free”
impaled but unaware

Discarded prayers
the poema of saints fire starters for poets
its ash spread upon the earth for fertilizer
dung composted with rotten fruit
spoiled vegetables and toxic dogmas
disked in vain

step right UP!


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