These Dancing Days

I never thought that time would pass so soon.  I never dreamed that I could grow so old.

I never thought—for I was such an awkward, dreaming child.

So who is that I see within the mirror, the stranger who is staring back at me,

And how could all the things that I had planned yet not be done?

Yet I will not despair, and I will celebrate the gift of life that was given me.

So I will dance for you and hope you’ll dance along until my dancing days are done.


I will not be held captive by despair.  I will not listen to the voice of fear.

I’ll look to find the beauty hiding in each gloomy day.

Though others say that I am so naïve and that I’m acting oh, so foolishly,

I will not let my heart be swayed by what another thinks.

Yes, I will not give up, and I will hold onto this joy that comes from the heart of God.

And I will celebrate with every step I take until my dancing days are done.


So as I’m walking on this downward slope from which I know I never shall return,

I never will complain for there is much yet I can do.

And if I fall, I’ll struggle right back up.  I’ll hobble on, or crawl if crawl I must,

And I will sing for joy that I can still keep crawling on.

So I will sing my song and I hope you’ll sing along in beautiful, sweet harmony.

Yes, I will dance with you a joyous pas de deux until my dancing days are done.



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